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A bike ride can be more fun when you are riding insured! Bike insurance comes as a protection against unexpected and untimely losses, and is like an assurance of financial support at the time of any mishap be it an accident, theft or a natural disaster.

Types of Bike Insurance policies

Insurance companies in India offer policies that suit the varying needs of people. People can choose to buy a policy that is in their budget and meets their requirement. Mainly, there are two types of bike insurance policies offered in India, which include –

Liability Only

A liability only insurance provides coverage against any loss or damage caused by the vehicle insured to third party. It covers all personal damages, injury, and loss of property or death of the third party because of the insured bike. A liability only insurance policy is mostly designed to provide coverage to the third party.

However, there are certain insurance companies that also provide accidental death coverage to the owner in addition to the third party coverage. The insurance company partly covers the expenses in case of any accidental injury to the owner.

As per the Indian law, a liability only insurance is compulsory for all bike owners.


A comprehensive bike insurance policy is generally known to provide coverage to both the rider and the third party. It gives financial coverage against any loss or damage to the vehicle, its owner and the third party occurring due to man-made or natural calamities.

Through a personal accidental cover, the rider of the vehicle receives coverage under this policy while the co-rider can be covered as an add-on.

Benefits and features of bike insurance

Buying a bike insurance policy is mandatory, but it is also very beneficial. It benefits the owner by providing –

Coverage against vehicular damage

Bike insurance policies save you from having to bear any expenses for loss or damage to your vehicle arising due to accidents, natural disasters, thefts, fire etc.

Coverage against third party liability

In case of an accident, any damage caused to a third party gets covered under the bike insurance policy.

Cover for Third party property damage

Having bike insurance saves you from having to cover the damage to third party property on your own.

Coverage for the rider

In event of an accident, medical expenses including hospitalization are covered.

Additional coverage

More comprehensive protections are offered by some insurance providers as add-ons.

No claim bonus

Insurance holders who make no claims during the policy tenure are rewarded with a bonus.

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