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When you are on the road, driving insured is what you need. To meet all your car insurance needs, Policyfy, in partnership with top car insurance companies in India, provides an extensive range of car insurance options.

If you are the lookout to buy a car insurance policy, Policyfy is where you can understand and research the different options available, and can get quotes for affordable car insurance online within just a few clicks. But, before you start looking for online car insurance in India, you must understand that car insurance and the types of car insurance policies available in the market.

What is car insurance?

Car insurance is a legal contract wherein the insured (car owner) pays a certain amount (premium) to an insurance company to avail protection against damage or loss to the car or driver. As mandated by law, all car drivers must be insured against their liability towards the third-party, while on road. Hence, having third-party car insurance in India is mandatory.

Types of car insurance

  • Third-party car insurance

This policy is the bare minimum insurance cover as required by law. Third-party policy covers all liabilities towards third-party, i.e. injuries and damage to other people and property, respectively.

  • Comprehensive cover

With comprehensive cover, you’ll be protected against third-party as well as personal loss or damage. It is the highest level of cover that you can get for your car. In addition to the basic comprehensive cover, you can purchase riders to increase the coverage of your car insurance policy, like roadside assistance, zero depreciation and rental car coverage.

Whether you’re looking for third-party cover or comprehensive car insurance, you can find it at Policyfy where we make it easy for you to find the best car insurance in India, according to your requirement. In partnership with the top car insurance companies in India, we provide the latest information on car insurance products, benefits, inclusions, exclusions, and more. In just a few simple steps, you can get quotes for the best car insurance in India at Policyfy.

Why Policyfy?

With extra savings, wide coverage and better benefits, Policyfy offers instant quotations for online car insurance in India. We understand that people's insurance needs are different, and this is why we have a range of car insurance policies from the best car insurance companies in India.

Plus, with Policyfy you’ll have access to a whole host of extra benefits, to help you get the car insurance that suits your needs the most. At Policyfy, you can: -

  • Compare cheap car insurance quotes online to save on your insurance premiums
  • Compare quotes from the top car insurance brands in India
  • Review complete information on different insurance policies to help choose a policy
  • Hassle-free purchase, transparent processing and multiple payment channels
  • Get 24*7 assistance from our support team

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