Health Insurance

Having the best healthcare insurance in India is not a mandatory requirement. But, having one in place is always a good idea. The days of excess and of high healthcare costs make it a necessity to find the best health insurance in India that can provide you proper coverage in case of medical exigencies. It is not possible to always lead a healthy lifestyle, and even if you do, no one can account for unexpected occurrences. Having the right health insurance can help ensure that even if you do have to be admitted to the hospital; at least you wouldn’t have to worry about the financial repercussions associated with it.

Types of Health Insurance Covers

There are basically three types of cover that health insurance companies in India offer: -


A Mediclaim by health insurance companies in India is an indemnity policy. This type of policy covers hospitalization and also offers reimbursements of medical costs of the insured being admitted to a healthcare facility. Available in family floater and individual plans, any top health insurance company can provide you a customized Mediclaim policy.

Fixed Benefits Plan

Counted among the best healthcare insurance types in India this plan offers a predetermined amount to be paid to the insured person in the event of hospitalization. This amount is paid irrespective of what the actual expense is.

Critical Illness Plans

Even after you buy the best healthcare insurance in India, buying a critical illness plan is a good idea. This plan is similar to the fixed benefits plan, except for the fact that the fixed amount is paid on the diagnosis of any critical illness that is defined on the list of inclusions of this plan.

Buying the best health insurance in India

Health insurance companies in India offer a number of insurance plans which might make it a little confusing for you to buy the best health insurance in India that is right for you.

Always Compare

With so many health insurance companies in India and so many health insurance plans available, always make sure that you compare the policies on offer to find the one with affordable premium as well as apt coverage.

Get Familiarized with the Jargon

A top health insurance company will give you a well-rounded policy, but you need to be well aware of what exactly you are receiving. If you come across any word that you don’t understand, clear it up. Make sure you understand the policy completely; that is how you can be assured that you are getting the best health insurance in India.

The best place to find the right policy

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