Family Health Insurance

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Cover your family with a family health plan which financially supports you in times of need at Policyfy, and get access to a range of benefits and savings! In partnership with the top insurance providers offering a host of group health insurance policies we help you get a health insurance plan which suits you the best.

Need for health insurance

Health insurance used to be one of the most neglected parts of an insurance portfolio. But with the paradigm shift in lifestyles, increase in the incidence of diseases and escalating healthcare costs, health insurance is steadily becoming one of the most crucial insurance policies in the market.

Health insurance is designed to cover the cost of medical treatment for illnesses or injuries. Health insurance policies come in different types, such as individual or group health insurance policy or family health insurance plans etc.

In most health plans, you will pay a monthly premium to the insurance provider to cover you. When medical treatment is required, the insurance provider will pay for your medical treatment costs as per the policy terms and conditions.

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Why Policyfy?

At Policyfy, we understand shopping for medical insurance for family can sometimes become challenging considering the varying healthcare needs of different members of the family. Hence, to ensure that your family health plan offers you the right kind of cover that fits your need and budget, we offer comprehensive family health insurance plans from the top insurance companies.

Here’s how Policyfy helps you make the right choice -

  • Compare family health insurance plans to save on your insurance premiums
  • Get instant health plan quotations
  • Compare quotes from the top health insurance providers in India
  • Hassle-free purchase, transparent payment and processing
  • Our 24*7 customer care is there to assist you through the entire process
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