Maternity Health Insurance

Parenthood is an important phase in a person’s life, but is it easy to be financially prepared in this time of high costing services and rising hospitalization charges? There are a lot of costs involved, including hospital stay, tests, nursing charges, delivery procedure and medicines, all adding to the expenses of delivering your child. And since most insurance plans often do not cover maternity expenses or offer it as a rider with the main health insurance plan, parents end up bearing these charges on themselves.

Not many are aware that exclusive Maternity Health Insurance plans are offered by insurance companies to serve the needs of expecting mothers and their family. Such plans cover costs incurred in both caesarean and normal delivery cases. Different plans have different coverage and benefits ranging from Pre-hospitalization, hospitalization, delivery to natal cover and also extending to covering the new born.

When to buy a maternity cover policy?

We suggest you apply for a Maternity Health Insurance cover before you conceive as most insurers might deny a cover once you are already pregnant. This is done for two reasons; first, when you apply for an insurance cover after conceiving the baby, it is considered a case of pre-existence, disallowing mothers to get complete policy benefits. Secondly, like most other insurance policies, a maternity health insurance carries a waiting period of about 3 to 4 years before one can avail the policy benefits.

Why buy through Policyfy?

Buying a policy through a physical agent can involve a lot of effort and no small amount of stress. In comparison, when you buy a policy online using our comprehensive online tools and secure payment gateway, you save not just your efforts but also your valuable time and money. Policyfy helps you choose the right Maternity Health Insurance from among a range of options. You can easily compare policies online and pick the one that offers the best features and suits your needs. With the right and an all-inclusive Maternity cover, you can enjoy one of the happiest and most beautiful moments of life without any worries.

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