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The need for an insurance portfolio in today’s time is undeniable. While vehicle insurance is a mandate by law and health insurance has become a necessity owing to the rising healthcare costs, term insurance and travel insurance are smart moves. However, it isn’t enough to simply buy an insurance policy, for you need to look for the best insurance plan in India that would suit your needs and requirements perfectly. And the first step to finding the best insurance plan in India is to find out what all is being offered by the different insurance companies, and then comparing the benefits to make sure that your choice is an informed one.

Building your insurance portfolio with Policyfy.com

Policyfy.com has tie-ups with a large number of health, travel, term, and vehicle insurance companies in India. You can receive quotes and insurance policy details from a number of insurance companies via Policyfy.com, which simplifies the entire process of choosing and comparing the various kinds of policies on offer. All you need to do is enter all the required details, as per the insurance policy that you are looking for, enter your contact details, and ask for a quote. You can then choose the company and the policy that meets your needs the best.We would like to declare that 1). The Prospect’s/visitor’s particulars could be shared with insurers. 2). The information displayed on this website is of the insurers with whom our company has an agreement.The products on offer at Policyfy.com are:

  • Vehicle Insurance

    A number of top vehicle insurance companies in India offer quotes via Policify.com. Not only is car and bike insurance a mandatory part of owning a car, it is also a smart move to protect the owner from incurred liabilities like damage, theft, or third party claims.

  • Health Insurance

    The cost of healthcare in India has risen phenomenally, which has made health insurance very important. When one is unwell and admitted to a hospital, they would want to be able to concentrate on getting better and not on the financial repercussions that the hospitalization might bring about.

  • Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is not a mandate in a lot of countries and states; however, protecting yourself against unpredictable contingencies is always ideal. Travel insurance offers you peace of mind when you travel to new places.

  • Term Insurance

    Again, term insurance is not a mandate. But if you have dependents or if you have people relying on you, it is always a good idea to prepare for the worst. Term insurance is not so much about the insured as it is about the beneficiaries. It is the least that you can do for the people you love, in case of life’s eventualities.

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